Transfer Method

Here is a method of pattern transfer that is as easy as 1-2-3-4 with no alignment problems and all that is required is a computer an ink-jet printer and a little of my transfer solution.


Step 1

Clean and prepare surface this will work on most surfaces including metal, bone, mother of pearl, glass and many others. I use alcohol and plain white toilet paper to clean the surface , most rags and paper towels have some degree of oil in them. Here is a plate that clean and polished the plate is 2" x 4"


Step 2

Apply my mixture with a clean q-tip, use a new one each time, and immediatly blow it dry using your breath is will turn dull and is now ready to use. It will feel dry to the touch.


Step 3

Get your art ready I draw all of my stuff 2 times as large as I want this gives me more detail and then I scan and reduce by 50%. How you get the art and images is up to you but they need to be black and white or greyscale for this to work well. Using your computer and printer print the art on the film using the best setting for the printer and greyscale only for ink choice. There are too many art programs and printers for any more on this here. I print at least 3 of the same image so I can restore or use as overlay to check my work. This method also makes text so simple it hurts just remember to mirror the images so when you apply them they are correct.

These are all printed on transparency film ready to transfer


Step 4

Position and tape the images on your work then burnish using firm force, my mixture will allow the ink to move to the part with all of the detail you can print on the film.

This is how they look after transfer and under the scope it is beautiful.


If part of the image is damaged simply position another over the top and reapply also helpful for cutting gold for inlays use one for the gold and one to cut by after all they are identical easy as 1-2-3-4

Please read all of this I have added more information as this only started for my personal use.


The following printers and ink tanks will give the best results and are what the solution was designed for.

HP inkjet printers that use one of these ink tanks will work well with the Magic and my films. Ink tanks 61, 62, 65 are pigment based inks and will work well.

I now have some new films available that are working with the inks listed above. Unless my supplier folds I am assured a continuing supply of these.

Many printers are being reported to work with varied results.Printer inks and transparencies are all different very different it may or may not work with what you have I do not know you would have to try it.

It is being reported that best results have been found using this configuration

1. Solution
2. Printer with compatible ink
3. Compatible transfer films (I offer one that works if you follow the guidelines for printers and inks.)

Here is what you get from me.

4 fl. oz. bottle of solution will last a long time it only takes a little
Small Sheet of Sample films so you can try it as soon as you get it.
Instruction Sheet including custom printer settings.

I make no claims regarding this product other than stated here and assume no liability in its use.


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